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About Us

We help high achievers gain the skills and abilities to become masterful communicators and leaders.
From delivering advanced trainings for corporate executives, to hosting innovative workshops for the public,
we aim to educate, engage, and empower our audiences.


While every program is custom-designed specifically for your organization, Tony and William engage their audience on the following topics and provide the subsequent takeaways for your attendees:

More about Programs
The Ultimate First Impression
Attract, Engage, and Delight Your Customer

How do you stand out from your competition in order to consistently become their preferred choice in a crowded marketplace? William reveals the elements of making the Ultimate First Impression – and the fundamentals that allow your business to at­tract prospective customers and convert them into lifelong clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seven Elements of the Ultimate First Impression
  • Why the experience – and not the service – generates loyalty; and what you need to do to create it
  • The specific steps you must take to create differentiation
  • How to stand out from your competition by selling the differences that make you a preferred choice


Communicate Effectively. Ascend Rapidly.
Master the Art of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Five minutes in front of the right audience is worth more than an entire year behind your desk. In this program, William shows the specific steps required to stand out from the crowd by becoming a dynamic and engaging communicator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Where the presentation truly begins, and essential steps commonly forgotten
  • Three elements of a successful talk/sales message
  • How to personalize the experience in order to intensify the audience’s commit­ment to your organization
  • How to use visual aids that add value
  • Six key disconnections between professionals and their audience


The Articulate Executive
Look, Act, and Sound like a Leader

Most of us spend our working lives unaware that WE are in fact the message – that how others see us can determine our degree of success. William uncovers the key principles of how executives look, act, and sound like a leader in order to inspire others to share their vision.

Key Takeaways:

  • The foundation of leadership: correct thinking and right attitude
  • Exemplifying a leader: body language and style secrets
  • Learn how to act and lead through each method of communication, both inter­nally with co-workers, and externally with prospects and customers
  • Three Keys to the articulate voice: the voice of reason and wisdom


High Impact Sales
How to Sell More Effectively by Generating Profitable Solutions

Tony provides the tools and strategies to generate more profitable sales with current customers and new prospects. In addition, Tony reveals how sales professionals can improve their ability to build stronger relationships, close deals in less time, and retain more clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top Techniques for each phase of the selling process in order to sell more ef­fectively
  • Key questions to ask, in a specific order, that will stimulate buyers to take action
  • 6 keys to generate TRUST in order to to close the sale instead of gaining friends
  • How to implement precision selling techniques, specific to your business, in or­der to shorten the sales cycle


Negotiating to Win
Knowledge, Authority and Creativity to Persuade Others

Sales and negotiation are a part of our everyday lives, occurring at the least expected moments with the least expected people. Executives must be prepared to engage in a negotiation at any time, resulting in success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top strategies of negotiation that will provide participants with a competitive advantage
  • How to plan and prepare for a negotiation in order to obtain optimum results
  • 7 keys for better outcomes in negotiations
  • How to use the power of authority in a negotiation

Our Team

Communication Specialist

Through William’s workshops, business leaders have a forum to learn the best practices of public speaking, leadership, and customer service, while simultaneously improving their English-speaking skills through breakout sessions and evaluations. This unique combination of learning new, cutting-edge information, while improving language skills enables organizations to surpass their competition.

As a native English speaker, William’s presentations benefit from his education at the University of Pittsburgh (USA), over a decade of business experience in effective communication, and his involvement leading international organizations.

William has spoken before, trained, and consulted for Latin America’s most influential corporations, such as BBVA Bancomer, Ernst & Young, and American Industries Group.

Phone: +52 1 55 2721 0291
Mail: William@TrainingWithTheChamps.com
Sales & Negotiation Specialist

With more than 15 years of experience in sales and negotiations, and an education from the University of Southern Indiana (USA), Tony has created presentations and workshops that give your organization the ability to not only sell effectively, but to sell distinctly. In addition, trainees gain the skills to negotiate confidently, and, just as important, more profitably.

Tony engages his audience in a way that inspires and informs. His unique way of working with participants one-on-one to close their sales in less time, and negotiate their deals more favorably, enables Tony to stand out from the rest.

Tony has enabled business organizations such as Delta Airlines, General Electric, and Volvo to improve their sales performance and negotiation skills.

Phone: +52 1 55 6607 0962
Mail: Tony@TrainingWithTheChamps.com

Office Address:

Parques Polanco, Av. Lago Alberto No. 320, Piso 1, Local Comercial A 08, Col. Anáhuac, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11320, México, D.F

Contact us:

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